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RV SuperShow in Dallas

12 Sep

Trying to keep up a blog is more of a challenge than I expected.  Everytime I turn around, something needs to be tended to, thus blocking out more of my day than expected.  Eventually, I’ll set up a routine for writing–at least I hope to!!!

In the meantime—RV SuperShow in Dallas is this weekend!!  I can’t wait to see all the new RVs with all their bells and whistles!  I’m pretty much a “plain vanilla” girl and prefer quality over geegaws, but it’s fun to look at all the creative ways developers can spruce-up a tiny house on wheels.

We have a plan on how to use our time.  On Friday, we plan to do an overview of all RVs that are considered acceptable for fulltiming, except for Class A.  We’ve decided that a tow-behind is better for us at this point.   Then Saturday, we’ll go back to any RVs that fit a short  list of criteria that we feel are “musts,” and then we will take plenty of time to scope-out the positives and negatives of each one.  Taking notes, notes, notes, and more notes are on the agenda for the day.  Once we get home, we’ll sit down and analyze all the data.

I hope this plan will help us to use our time to the fullest.  Who knows?  We just might find the perfect fit!

Refocusing and Decluttering

26 Aug

The last three weeks’ focus has been on the start of the new school year.  The first week of school was a roaring success!  Everyone has settled in for an exciting year with lots of learning!

Now I can get back to thinking about our future as full-time RVers.  The decluttering process continues.  This weekend we focused on old record albums.  Yes, the old-fashioned 45’s and 33’s that went round and round and round on a turntable (remember those).  There are days I look around the house and think, “Am I really that OLD!”  I even discovered one of the lp’s was the thick vinyl kind.  I think I’ll do a bit of research to see if it could be a collector’s prize.  I’m not sure if I want to part with it because it’s the classical piece, “Bolero”, one of my favorites.

Fond Memories!!

Do you remember?

So now, RV focus is confined to weekends since classroom activities, lesson planning, and grading papers move up the priority list.   Nevertheless, the question of full-timing pops into my mind at the strangest times during the day.  And to top it off, the new 5th grade teacher at my school is living in her 5th wheel while they build a new house!!  You can’t tell me THAT was coincidence!

Tra-la-la-la life goes on!!   Pat

First Signs of Progress

12 Aug

Hurray!  The first culling of books has ended!  One large, overstuffed box of books went to the public library for the Friends of the Library sale.   One small box got hauled to the trash can.  Two more large boxes were sold to the bookstore.  We still have 7 shelves of books!   Looks like letting go of “things” is more of a challenge than I anticipated.  The worst part–I put a book into the “get-rid-of” pile; he takes it out, or he puts it in, and I take it out.   I guess the old adage of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has truth to it.

However, this is a start that will hopefully lead to a positive change in the future.

The next few weeks I need to focus on the start of the school year.  Then I think I’ll tackle the old record albums.  Should we burn them to CDs or just plan on purchasing?  More decisions!!!!!!!!!   Pat

Decluttering Woes

7 Aug

I’ve spent the last week weeding our personal library.  What a chore!  The challenge is all the sentimental ties to those books.  Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, teacher gifts, thank-you gifts, and the list goes on and on!   And just how do I choose among the 30+ years of cookbooks collected?  AHHH!

One great innovation is the ereader–I finall broke down and purchased a Nexus 7 tablet from Google.  Having books on a 4″ X 7″ miniature computer sounds ideal until you realize that those books you need cost $money$ to replace.  So a new adventure begins–locating free ebooks to replace the paper copies that must be purged–sigh.  Nobody mentioned that every ereader is set up so that it only reads from  its own dot-something.  So can the Nexus 7 read books for the Kindle?   Nope–not without a special app.  What about the Nook?–nope; again, not without a special app.  And on the adventure goes!   Pat

RV Shows

29 Jul

James asked me if I wanted to spend next Saturday with him looking at used RVs at PPL in Houston.   This business is a huge concrete parking lot with rows and rows of pre-owned, consignment RVs of every size, shape, and color.  Sounded like a great strategy until I considered that it is the last week of July with a heat index in the 100’s.   The RVs are completely shut down–not even the windows are open for a breeze!  So——

I spent time yesterday scanning the internet trying to find when the next indoor RV shows would be in our state.  Finding out what the options are from multiple manufacturers seems a reasonable route to go.  We’ve found that RV businesses tend to choose one or two brands to focus on for selling new rigs.  This way we could look to our heart’s content (or until we drop from exhaustion).  Here’s what I found:

RV Supershow               Dallas Market Hall                                Sept 13-16, 2012

Houston RV Show         Reliant Center                                        Feb 6-10, 2013

Austin RV Expo              Austin convention Center                   Feb 21-24, 2013

I think I’ll go back to decluttering the house and wait 6 weeks until September!    ~Pat

Where Do You Put a Desk in a Rig?

27 Jul

I am tickled to death!!!!  Somebody is actually reading and commenting on my blog!  Amazing!

OK, so here is the issue–hubby has always had a large work desk in the house along with 1-2 file cabinets.  Changing habits of a lifetime can be tough, and sometimes change is not the best choice.  So for his comfort, he still will need a work desk area in the RV.

The dining table is not going to be an option because his desk usually has carefully structured piles of papers all over it.  He is looking into getting one of those machines that scans bills and such to cut down on the paper.  (He uses one at work frequently.)  However, he will still need a space to call his own.  I’ve seen a couple of rigs that have built-in desk areas, but they sacrifice storage space to accomplish this.   Pat

What are other solutions to meet this need?  How can we have maximum storage and a work desk?  Suggestions?    ~Pat

Getting Back to Camping

23 Jul

We have been a bit lax with our camping schedule this summer.  The TrailManor has been sitting since June when we got back from our “park hopping” vacation.  It’s hot here in Texas, but the humidity is the real killer.  The temperature might be 95, but the heat index is 108!  Not nice!

We need to get out and interview other RVers to find out what is working for fulltimers and what to avoid.  Sitting at home won’t get us there.  So I spent the evening building an excel file of weekend square and round dance festivals that we can attend in the fall and spring.  We might as well enjoy dancing while we educate ourselves about the RV lifestyle.

Unfortunately, we both still are working so heading to South Texas with the snowbirds during the winter months is not an option.  We’ll just have to be diligent and head out as soon as we can.  I bet the Texas State Camping Squares  can help.   Pat

Any other suggestions?   Pat