RV SuperShow in Dallas

12 Sep

Trying to keep up a blog is more of a challenge than I expected.  Everytime I turn around, something needs to be tended to, thus blocking out more of my day than expected.  Eventually, I’ll set up a routine for writing–at least I hope to!!!

In the meantime—RV SuperShow in Dallas is this weekend!!  I can’t wait to see all the new RVs with all their bells and whistles!  I’m pretty much a “plain vanilla” girl and prefer quality over geegaws, but it’s fun to look at all the creative ways developers can spruce-up a tiny house on wheels.

We have a plan on how to use our time.  On Friday, we plan to do an overview of all RVs that are considered acceptable for fulltiming, except for Class A.  We’ve decided that a tow-behind is better for us at this point.   Then Saturday, we’ll go back to any RVs that fit a short  list of criteria that we feel are “musts,” and then we will take plenty of time to scope-out the positives and negatives of each one.  Taking notes, notes, notes, and more notes are on the agenda for the day.  Once we get home, we’ll sit down and analyze all the data.

I hope this plan will help us to use our time to the fullest.  Who knows?  We just might find the perfect fit!

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