Refocusing and Decluttering

26 Aug

The last three weeks’ focus has been on the start of the new school year.  The first week of school was a roaring success!  Everyone has settled in for an exciting year with lots of learning!

Now I can get back to thinking about our future as full-time RVers.  The decluttering process continues.  This weekend we focused on old record albums.  Yes, the old-fashioned 45’s and 33’s that went round and round and round on a turntable (remember those).  There are days I look around the house and think, “Am I really that OLD!”  I even discovered one of the lp’s was the thick vinyl kind.  I think I’ll do a bit of research to see if it could be a collector’s prize.  I’m not sure if I want to part with it because it’s the classical piece, “Bolero”, one of my favorites.

Fond Memories!!

Do you remember?

So now, RV focus is confined to weekends since classroom activities, lesson planning, and grading papers move up the priority list.   Nevertheless, the question of full-timing pops into my mind at the strangest times during the day.  And to top it off, the new 5th grade teacher at my school is living in her 5th wheel while they build a new house!!  You can’t tell me THAT was coincidence!

Tra-la-la-la life goes on!!   Pat

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